Have you thought of how your business or workplace could help raise money for Easter Seals? It may be simpler than you think!

Dozens of businesses across PEI support our campaign by organizing simple fundraisers while having fun with their co-workers.

Here are some suggestions on how your company or team of employees can get involved:

  • Organize a Coffee Break with homemade or store-bought treats with set prices or donations going to Easter Seals.
  • Implement Casual Fridays or Jeans Days where employees can wear jeans to work in exchange for a small donation fee
  • Baby Photo Challenge – You see your colleagues five days a week but do you think you could match them to their baby photos? Run a baby photo game in the office and sell tickets to enter. Whoever matches the most photos wins a prize.
  • Lunchtime Trivia – Nothing helps bring coworkers together like a little bit of friendly competition. Charge and entry fee to participate, split in to several teams, bring your own lunch and find out who in your office has the best command of general knowledge.
  • Charity Birthdays – Why not consider swapping birthday celebrations for a charitable donation. So instead of buying cake and a card, make a donation in honour of the birthday person.
  • Guess the Sweets/Salties – Fill a jar with sweets (or Salties!)and charge colleagues to guess the amount.
  • Shocking Shirt Day – Why not see which of your colleagues can come up with the funniest fashion disasters – and raise some money for a good cause along the way? Organize a ‘Shocking Shirt” competition in your office and get everyone whose enters to make a donation to Easter Seals PEI. Remember the louder the better! Get together a small team of judges to help choose the winner. The winner could receive a cut of the final amount raised or a separate prize altogether.
  • Donate an Hour’s Pay. Imagine how much money you could potentially raise if you encouraged everyone in your workplace to donate one hour of their pay.

If you’d like more information and some Easter Seals information or donation jars for your event, contact our Executive Director, Kelly Mullaly at kelly@eastersealspei.org to discuss how we can help!