Have you thought of how your business or workplace could help raise money for Easter Seals? It may be simpler than you think!

Dozens of businesses across PEI support our campaign by organizing simple fundraisers, while having fun with their co-workers.

Here are some suggestions on how your company or team of employees can get involved:

• Organize a lunch barbecue or pancake breakfast with proceeds going to Easter Seals.
• Implement Casual Fridays or Jeans Days where employees can wear jeans to work in exchange for a small donation fee.
• Ask co-workers to prepare or bring in goodies for an in-house bake sale.
• Setup donation jars next to your vending machines or lunch counters.
• Ask your employer if voluntary pay deductions can be made in exchange for charitable receipts.
• Talk to your boss about a vacation lottery draw.

If you’d like to get involved, contact us to discuss how we can help promote your fundraising events or how your company can get sponsorship benefits in exchange for campaign contributions!