2014 Easter Seals Goal

2014 Campaign

The 2014 Easter Seals Society of PEI Campaign Goal is to raise $130,000 for Islanders with Disabilities.

You can become a Supporter by making a donation, attending an event and letting others know about this year’s campaign goal. Help us fulfill our commitment to fully enhancing the quality of life, self esteem and self determination of Islanders with disabilities.

If you could donate to a host of local charities that help Islanders with disabilities with just one donation…would you?

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2014 Ambassador – Brett Robinson



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Brett Robinson, 2014 Easter Seals Ambassador

Hi, my name is Brett Robinson and I am very pleased to be this years Easter Seal Ambassador. I am the 15 year old son of Lynn and Dave from Mermaid. I have the best older sister ever, her name is Jade. I am me before CP!

Cerebral Palsy does not get me down, don’t you think it does. I am a person before my difference of abilities. I am so honored to be this years Easter Seals Ambassador, when I was asked “Why?” I said to honor my Grandpa in heaven, he would be so proud of me. I enjoy life so much and do not miss out on a thing! My motto is Think it….Dream it….Live it! I felt like I was in a dream when my family told me. A dream come true for me. I want people to dream big and live their best life. I do!

When I was born I weighed nine pounds and four ounces, born on my due date. I had a lack of oxygen at birth and the result was Cerebral Palsy. I have a lot of support from friends and family. My Nana fundraised to get me a wheelchair accessible van. She had a lot of community support and I will never forget what that meant for me. It made it so much easier to get around! Easter Seals support a lot of important programs and I hope this campaign can help Islanders with disabilities get the support they need. Throughout my journey as 2014 Easter Seal Ambassador I hope to bring awareness to my communication device. I feel so lucky to be able to share my thoughts with the world. I use head switches to scan and select through my screens. I started with non-traditional communication at the age of three with four categories and now have unlimited space for words and phases. I am now able to email and search the web. With a recommendation from Physical Medicine Department at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital they helped to make this possible, I was able to go to Bloorview Rehabilitation Centre in Toronto where all things are possible. They have enriched my life and for that I am very grateful. I hope all Islanders can get the support they need.

I attend Charlottetown Rural High School and am in Grade 10. The support I get at school is amazing! I love school and always try to do my best! As you have noticed, I am a non – traditional communicator and am in a wheelchair. I use a walker at school. Pat and the Elephant take me to and from school everyday, this is the best service in helping me to develop my independence. I want to thank my drivers so much for the work they do. I go to Special Olympic bowling and attended Music Therapy. I enjoy public speaking, kayaking, hanging out with friends, playing music and going to church. In the summer I love to visit Oak Bay in New Brunswick with my dads family, we sing by the bonfire and roast marshmallows. This is a very special time for me. I enjoy riding on the back of dads motorcycle. I met a wonderful friend that takes me for rides in his airplane. I have a great sense of humor, am very social, love to laugh and tell jokes.

I do presentations on Disability Rights Issues, with the help of Jade. I have spoken to Health PEI, Occupational Therapy Atlantic Conference, Holland College Courses, and English Language School Board. I was named Honorary Captain for the day from the Fed Ex team at the Summerside Airshow. I am excited to see what my future will hold. With the changes in technology “ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE”. When I met Rick Hansen he autographed a photo saying that phrase. They are words to live by for me.

I work very hard for all of my achievements, I am determined and motivated by all the wonderful people in my life. Without their support it would be difficult. I thank Easter Seals for this amazing opportunity to help to build awareness. I hope all Islanders in similar situations can get the support they need to help them achieve their goals. I love you PEI, thank you for listening!

God Bless!



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